Dad and mom: Don’t Let Them Vaccinate Your Wholesome Youngsters Towards COVID-19

November 6, 2021 · 7:00 AM

I say”them” as a result of some authorities authorities around the globe, e.g., Australia, will vaccinate in opposition to the needs of oldsters. I fear that tyrants in California are about to do the identical.

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Wholesome youngsters have extraordinarily low danger of dying from COVID-19. Ought to we topic them to unknown dangers of vaccines simply to avoid wasting aged Boomer lives?

These are experimental vaccines with out a long-term security document. The short-term document in adults doesn’t look that nice both.

Jonathan Howard at Science-Primarily based Medication figures that fewer than one in 100,00zero wholesome youngsters who contract COVID-19 will die from it. Among the many younger decedents, at the very least three out of 4 have a predisposing situation comparable to weight problems, bronchial asthma, a developmental dysfunction, a neurological situation, or heart problems. Moreover, Dr. Howard says three out of 4 deaths are in Hispanics, Blacks, or indigenous folks (American Indian/Alaskan Native).

Dr. Howard admits that the danger of dying from COVID-19 for kids could be very low. However because the danger is just not zero, all youngsters ought to be vaccinated.

Dr. Howard bases his advice for the Pfizer/BionNTech vaccine for kids on very restricted information. That is little one abuse since we don’t have long-term vaccination security information.

I’m not a pediatrician. I’m an internist and hospitalist. Dr. Howard is a neurologist and psychiatrist. There could also be a official function of COVID-19 vaccination for sickly youngsters. However there’s no method in hell I’d vaccinate my wholesome youngsters with out long-term security information.

For a wholesome little one, the potential dangers of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the potential advantages.

Query authority. Together with me.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Learn William M Briggs: Youngsters Don’t Have to Be Vaccinated.

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