Key Nutrient Sequence: The Function of Sodium and Potassium in Our Weight loss plan


The query of how a lot salt we must always eat has turn into one of many greatest debates within the Paleo group—and it’s a debate that shouldn’t even exist. Some locally have began to argue that not solely is the usual U.S. suggestion to eat lower than 2,300mg of sodium per day unsuitable, however that we needs to be consuming double to triple that quantity.  
Additionally they argue that so long as it’s sea salt and never desk salt, it’s wholesome. The issue with that notion is that many of the damaging well being results of an excessive amount of salt—hypertension, heart problems, insulin resistance, and autoimmune illness—must do with the identical offender: easy sodium chloride. And sodium chloride is identical whether or not it comes within the type of coarse pink coloured crystals or refined white desk salt.  
Finally, many of the arguments supporting extra salt in our food plan are primarily based on unproven theories and analysis that has been proven to have critical methodological flaws.  
A couple of years in the past, we addressed this query of a high-salt food plan and the numerous damaging results it may possibly have on our well being. Since that is such an vital query, with such a big affect on our well being, that it’s price revisiting now. So, on this sequence, we dive additional into the query of how a lot salt people ought to devour. Extra importantly, on this sequence we handle the opposite facet of the equation—potassium.  
Maybe some of the vital, and neglected, elements of a nutritious diet is the sodium:potassium ratio. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors sometimes ate a ratio of 1:2. The western food plan is nearer to 10:1. The Paleo Weight loss plan® mimics this ancestral ratio. In our sequence, Mark J. Smith, Ph.D., explains this ratio and why being nearer to our hunter-gatherer ancestors is so vital. Dr. Marc Bubbs takes it a step additional, addressing a number of current research which present that growing potassium in our food plan can mitigate a lot of the damaging affect of excessive sodium consumption.  
In our third article, Trevor Connor, M.S., addresses one of many arguments made to help a excessive salt food plan—the idea low-sodium food plan causes insulin resistance. Regardless of that fashionable declare, most present analysis exhibits the actual reverse. 
Lastly, if you might be satisfied  sodium:potassium ratio nearer to our ancestors is vital to your well being, then you might be questioning the way to get extra potassium in your food plan. It’s easy: eat extra vegatables and fruits. On this sequence we embrace a potassium-power home of a salad recipe to get you began.

By Mark J. Smith, PhD
When Dr. Loren Cordain first launched the idea of Paleolithic vitamin, the scientific analysis illustrated the significance of three vital nutrient ratios: omega-6 to omega-Three fatty acids, calcium to magnesium, and sodium to potassium (Na+/Ok+). The proof urged these three ratios had been fairly totally different in a Paleolithic food plan when in comparison with a typical Western food plan. Moreover, the ratios present in a Paleolithic food plan had been much more useful to human well being. Smith explains maybe an important of those three ratios.

By Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, MSc, CISSN, CSCS
Hypertension, or hypertension because it’s referred to in medical circles, is the first or contributing trigger to over 400,000 deaths within the U.S. yearly and a high-salt food plan is a serious contributing issue to hypertension. The issue is that in lots of components of the nation, getting Individuals to scale back the salt of their food plan is very troublesome. On this article, Bubbs addresses a number of current research displaying that there’s another—a rise within the quantity of potassium we eat.

By Trevor Connor, M.S.
One of many arguments utilized by members of the Paleo group who help a high-salt food plan is low-sodium food plan causes insulin resistance, which might result in diabetes. Connor addresses this argument and why the restricted analysis backing it has critical methodological flaws. As soon as the nicely carried out research are recognized, the science tells a really totally different story: a excessive–salt food plan causes insulin resistance. And potassium within the food plan can scale back the affect.

By Lorrie Cordain
What’s the simplest means to enhance the sodium:potassium ratio in your food plan? Cut back processed meals excessive in salt and eat much more greens and fruit. This recipe, straight out of the Actual Paleo Weight loss plan Cookbook, is filled with a complete lot of each. Plus, it’s fast and straightforward to arrange. 
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