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February 26, 2020 · 7:28 AM

Superior civilizational collapse
I hadn’t been too involved about coronavirus (COVID-19), however then I examine quarantined cities in northern Italy. I’m nonetheless not terribly fearful for my very own well being, even when I find yourself treating instances on the hospital. I’m 65—a threat issue for viral demise—however in any other case wholesome, thank God! There’s nonetheless an excellent likelihood this may blow over and never have an effect on the U.S. in a serious method.
If coronavirus turns into an epidemic within the U.S., you’ll want to be ready. You’ll wish to keep away from pointless contact with others, particularly in the event you’re over 65 or have vital persistent medical situations like coronary heart illness, COPD, bronchial asthma, energetic most cancers, impaired liver or kidney operate, or a poor immune system (e.g, most cancers chemotherapy).
In case your metropolis or neighborhood is quarantined, will provide vans be allowed by the checkpoints? Will drivers be keen to enter the quarantine zone? I’ve began to name Wal-Mart, “China-Mart.” As a result of is it looks as if at the very least half the products there are made in China. China’s industrial output has already been diminished by the coronavirus epidemic there. A major variety of prescribed drugs within the U.S. rely upon a wholesome China.
A extreme coronavirus outbreak within the U.S. would possibly imply you could hunker down at house, or near it, for one or two months. So think about stocking up on the next objects to final for four–6 weeks. The nice new is, you’ll ultimately use most of this anyway.
numerous meals with an extended shelf-life
face masks (you’re too late; this ship has already sailed)
rest room paper
paper towels
over-the-counter chilly and flu treatments
throat lozenges
antiseptic wipes
a multivitamin
hand sanitizer
facial tissues
essential prescription medicines (chances are you’ll have to name your physician for a three-month provide)
physique cleaning soap
dishwashing and clothes detergents
female hygeine merchandise
family cleansing merchandise
Have I missed something?
Steve Parker, M.D.
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